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Health and Safety

Although Fire precautions and associated emergency procedures in Laxton Hall are written on notices on the back of Residents’ doors and at all designated fire points the manager or deputy Manager will inform each resident and member of staff of the appropriate fire precaution and procedures to be taken in the event of a fire. This will occur at regular intervals to ensure familiarity with fire procedures.

The Essentional standards of quality and safety March 2010 includes all requirements regarding fire precautions. Laxton Hall complies with the requirements of the Local Fire Authority.

Fire precaution legislation also required that the Home have the means of detection and giving warning in case of fire, the provisions of means of escape and the means of fighting fire.

Furthermore, employee fire safety training is more essential now than at any other time in the past, and we recognise that Staff fire training is a prerequisite of Fire Safety.

Under the new requirements, the manager must ensure the regular checks, fire drills and maintenance of all fire equipment is undertaken. An external Contractor carries out quarterly and annual checks and tests.